About LBC

The Left Book Club publishes a series of high-quality publications at affordable prices. LBC titles will be available on a subcription basis, and in select bookstores. LBC titles are informed by the following considerations:

Both UK-based and internationalist, drawing on a wide range of political traditions, relevant to the experiences and struggles of ordinary people and their families across the world.

We hope to cover contemporary global issues, the environmental crisis, British political and social issues, the history of working and oppressed people’s struggles, and progressive political theories.

We wish to publish works that respond to the intellectual needs of contemporary movements for progressive change, that are relevant to political activism, and that are written in a highly accessible way. At the same time, we wish to maintain the highest standards of intellectual integrity.

We wish to encourage work by authors from a wide range of backgrounds. We aspire to provide a platform for marginalised voices – those of women, minority groups, and oppressed people.

LBC titles will be of an accessible length, written in a jargon-free, journalistic style. We also plan to include other books in Club lists, by appropriate arrangement with a range of publishers. Our lists will represent a full range of progressive traditions, perspectives, and ideas. It will also include reprints of classic texts where appropriate.

We hope the books will be used as the basis of reading circles, discussion groups, and other educational and cultural activities relevant to developing, sharing, and disseminated ideas for progressive social change in the interests of working people.

The Left Book Club, founded in 2014, company number 9338285, pays homage to the original Left Book Club founded by Victor Gollancz in 1936.