All Power to the Ideals!

All Power to the Ideals!

What kind of centenary celebration, Mark Perryman asks, does 1917 deserve? A century ago, 23rd February 1917, Russian women marched out in protest from the St Petersburg factories where they worked to defy Cossacks armed with swords and took control of the city’s streets. In less than a week they had been joined by hundreds … Read more

We are hiring!

Thanks to the generosity of our crowdfunder supporters, we are hiring a part-time Development worker. Please read the job description and send your CV and cover letter to: Closing date for applications is February 24 2017. Many thanks LBC Development worker job description

Forthcoming in 2017

Sound System: The Political Power of Music by Dave Randall Available from April 2017 Musicians have often wanted to change the world. From underground grime artists to pop icons, many have believed in the political power of music. Rulers recognise it too. Music has been used to unsettle the most fundamental political and social conventions … Read more