Book Clubs

Book ClubsThe Left Book Club has a two-fold mission: to publish the best progressive writing and to get the ideas contained in those books discussed in reading groups across the country. We want to take good ideas out of books and into communities to bring about real change.

 Clubs happen in all sorts of places: bookshops, cafes, houses, parks, workplaces, union premises, libraries, colleges, universities etc. They are free and open to all without the need to join anything. And they happen in the real world, not online, because that’s where the best discussions happen. We’re all about changing minds via persuasive arguments, not reinforcing existing bubbles.
If you want to discuss a book with others as part of our real-life social network, then we can put you in touch with groups in your area, or tell you how to set up your own club. Contact us at
At its peak in the 1930s and 40s the original Left Book Club had around 57,000 subscribers and there were hundreds of reading groups based all over Britain. This contributed to a climate of political engagement and social movements which oversaw radical changes, such as the breakup of the British Empire and the creation of the Welfare State. Help us build a comparable movement today.