Dave Randall’s reccommended reading and track list!

Dave Randall is the author of our latest book, Sound System: The Political Power of Music, published in partnership with Pluto Press. The book deals with how music has always been tightly bound up with political expression. Dave’s examples range from Beethoven to Beyonce as he places music in its political context He concludes with how we may consider harnessing this power for the many and not the few.

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Alongside Dave’s book, we’ve got a book list of other titles you might want to check out below. We’ve also got a great track list of some of the songs mentioned in the book.

Book List

  1. How Music Works’ by David Byrne, (Canongate Books Ltd, 2013)
  2. ‘The Rest Is Noise’ by Alex Ross (HarperCollins Publishers, 2008)
  3. ‘Black Nationalism and the Revolution in Music’ by Frank Kofsky (Pathfinder Pr, 1970)
  4. ‘Who Paid the Piper’ by Francis Stonor Saunders (Granta Books, 2000)
  5. ‘The Necessity of Art’ by Ernst Fischer (Verso, 2010)
  6. ‘Jazz: A People’s Music’ by Sidney Finkelstein (Intl Pub, 1988)
  7. ‘In Search of the Blues: Black Voices, White Visions’ by Marybeth Hamilton (Vintage Publishing, 2008)
  8. ‘Music & Politics’ by John Street (Polity Press, 2013)





Track List

Here’s a selection of some of the songs mentioned in the book!