Forthcoming in October 2017

In 2010, the Coalition government announced devastating attacks on education as they trebled tuition fees and cut grants for college students. However, the students didn’t take it lying down. They took to the streets in protest, enduring months of occupations, kettling by the police, and outbreaks of violence.

Student Revolt tells this story as it delves into this mass movement that spread across Britain. Matt Myers utilises the testimonies of activists, students, young workers, and politicians to create a narrative history of this intense year.

This book is timely in its publication, as students face further attacks on education from the current Conservative government. Just this September, tuition fees have risen again and look set to continue rising. Myer’s book serves as a reminder to today’s young activists, and as an opportunity to reflect on the lessons learnt as the student movement continues its fight for education.

With a compelling introduction by Paul Mason, Student Revolt is a must-read as we enter into the new academic year.

Student Revolt is published in partnership with Pluto Press

About the author

Matt Myers is currently a doctoral student at the University of Oxford. Having participated in the 2010 student movement, he’s best placed to reflect upon the experience.

Paul Mason is a writer and broadcaster on economics and social justice. He is the author of PostCapitalism (Penguin, 2015) and contributed to one of our previous books, Syriza (Pluto, 2015).