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Becoming a member of the Left Book Club costs from just £40 a year, within which time you will be sent four of our published books, as well as receiving other members’ benefits, such as access to events, newsletters and special offers on non-LBC titles.


We would recommend making your payment online, as an on-going subscription which will be drawn annually. Please click on the appropriate button below:



We have tried to keep the costs of subscribing as low as possible. However, if you could pay a little more it will allow more money to go to our authors, particularly so as we wish to encourage work from marginalised voices, and lack of finances can be a barrier to such work being written. The LBC itself is run on a not-for-profit basis.
Please consider a solidarity subscription at £60 a year. Thank you.

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For all non-UK subscriptions the cost of an annual subscription is £60. For an on-going subscription please click on International Sub.



A subscription to the Left Book Club makes a great gift! For all gift subscriptions please click on the relevant subscription package above, and simply fill in the mailing address of the person for whom the subscription is. Please be sure to choose an International subscription if the gift subscription is for someone outside of the UK.


Alternatively if you would like to pay by cheque for a one-off payment please send a £40 or £60 cheque (depending if you would like to make a Standard or Solidarity subscription) made payable to The Left Book Club to The Left Book Club, c/o Pluto Press, 345 Archway Road, London N6 5AA. Please be sure to include the mailing address you would like your books sent to.