Pluto Press

Pluto Press is one of the world’s leading radical publishers, specialising critical perspectives in politics and the social sciences. Based in London, they have been active for over forty years and independent since 1979. They have more than 2,000 titles in print by authors such as Noam Chomsky, Frantz Fanon, bell hooks and Vandana Shiva.

David Castle, Senior Commissioning Editor at Pluto Press, says,

“Pluto Press is proud to be the publishing partners of the Left Book Club. We believe that the creation of a new Left Book Club is one of the most exciting developments in radical publishing to appear this decade. It reflects the changing shape of the publishing industry while giving emerging tendencies a progressive and cooperative turn. The Left Book Club is built on a strong collectivist and social movement-based ethos that should ensure that its publications are fully connected to, and enlivened by, real world experience and struggle.”

For press or author enquiries relating to the LBC books, or to request review copies, please email, or call 0208 348 2724







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Housmans Bookshop

Housmans is London’s leading radical bookshop; it’s one of the last remaining such shops, as well as having been one of the first, originally opening in 1945.  Based at Kings Cross, it sells a wide range of radical literature – books, pamphlets and magazines – dealing with the full spectrum of campaigning issues. Its variety of political magazines, newsletters and journals – with over 200 titles – is unmatched anywhere in the country. It also has t-shirts, badges and other campaigning paraphernalia, and hosts regular in-shop events. The shop also plays an active role within its local community.

Housmans Bookshop continues to see its role as it has since its foundation. Whilst acknowledging its roots in the peace movement – and, specifically, in the radical pacifist end of the movement – it aims to be a broad-based, non-sectarian shop, encouraging the dissemination of a wide range of progressive and alternative ideas. As the shop’s founders recognised, opposing injustice and oppression and the degradation of our planet are prerequisites of a more peaceful society.

The shop is proud to be working in partnership with the Left Book Club, currently by providing the project with premises and administrative support.

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