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'This is not so much a book as a rock thrown through the window of the West. It is the Communist Manifesto of the anticolonial revolution' – Time

'This century's most compelling theorist of racism and colonialism' – Angela Davis

Our September book is a true classic. The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon is one of the most important books on racism ever written, and made Fanon the leading anti-colonial thinker of the twentieth century. Written in 1961, at the height of the Algerian war against France, it analyses the role of class, race, national culture and violence in the struggle for freedom.

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Last week we hosted our most recent author discussion with William I. Robinson, author of The Global Police State, in conversation with Hilbourne Watson. If you missed it, you can find this and other recent talks on Youtube. We'll announce the date of our next author discussion soon.

In the meantime, local reading groups have moved online and everyone is welcome to join – check FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Missed an event? Check out recent talks on  Want to start your own group? We've created a guide to help you do this here

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The original Left Book Club was started by pioneering British publisher Victor Gollancz in 1936. Mass membership of the club helped turn the tide of public opinion against fascism and bring the 1945 Labour government to power. That government founded the NHS and the welfare state.

Today, we need a Left Book Club for the twenty-first century.


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