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May 2020

Pirates and Emperors, Old and New

International Terrorism in the Real World

Noam Chomsky


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'One of the radical heroes of our age' Guardian

'Chomsky is a global phenomenon' The New York Times Book Review

'One of the most important intellectuals alive' Independent

'Written with brilliance, passion, and a wealth of supporting detail' Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Written as history unfolded, Pirates and Emperors showcases Chomsky's evolving understanding of the discourse of 'terrorism' as it came to justify brutal Western interventions. Looking in detail at the role of the US in the Middle East in particular, Chomsky reveals how the media are used to manipulate public opinion about what constitutes 'terrorism'. With chapters on Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Libya, this is a brilliant account of the workings of state terrorism by the world's foremost critic of US imperialism.