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The Left Book Club was originally founded in 1936, to popularise ideas from the left and counter the rise of fascism.

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Featured book

‘An intellect as dazzling as it was unique’ 

‘Mike Marqusee stands shoulder to shoulder with the spirits of Isaac Deutscher and Edward Said’ 
Mike Davis

Our classic for July is a rich selection of writing by the journalist Mike Marqusee. With chapters on Jewish identity, the NHS, nationalism, art, literary utopias and Labour's internal divisions, it’s written with his trademark warmth and humour. With a foreword by Mark Steel.

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We can help introduce you to others who share your ideas – and turn these into action.

We want to encourage everyone to get involved in political debate and discussion, in a friendly and relaxed environment, where everyone is free to express their ideas. We welcome people from across all spectrums of the left, from experienced activists to those who are beginning to think about socialist politics for the first time. 

A proud history

The original Left Book Club was started by pioneering British publisher Victor Gollancz in 1936. Mass membership of the club helped turn the tide of public opinion against fascism and bring the 1945 Labour government to power. That government founded the NHS and the welfare state.

Today, we need a Left Book Club for the twenty-first century.

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