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January's book has just arrived! We are very excited to be publishing Change the World Without Taking Power by John Holloway, a classic thought experiment in the true meaning of resistance.

Books have now been posted, but we will continue to mail out copies to new members who join this month.

Join us on February 3rd to talk to author Lynsey Hanley

We're really looking forward to our next event on February 3rd where we'll be joined by Lynsey Hanley to discuss her book Respectable: Crossing the Class Divide, which was the Left Book Club pick for December. 

We'll be talking about class and why it's still so central to the experience of living in Britain. The discussion will be streamed live to Youtube so it's easy to join in, wherever you are based. Post questions in the chat and our host Elif will put these to Linsey. Get a ticket by clicking below!


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Read Molly's round-up of the best radical books of 2021 in Red Pepper.


We were delighted to be featured in Tribune magazine, read the story here. Remember, if you're an LBC subscriber you get a discount on your Tribune subscription.

‘The aim of the Club is a simple one: it is to help in the terribly urgent struggle for World Peace & a better social & economic order & against Fascism’

– Left Book Club leaflet, 1938

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Last year we published Socialism or Barbarism, a selection of writings by Rosa Luxemburg. To go along with it, we've produced a new range of merch.

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As featured in...

‘Despite the damage capitalism inflicts, the idea of capitalism remains strong. Reading socialist books has never been more urgent. Good luck to the Left Book Club!'

– Ken Loach

Happy birthday CLR James

"The rich are only defeated when running for their lives"

⁠Happy birthday CLR James, born on 4th January 1901. We are honoured to have published The Black Jacobins as one of our classics – this brilliant history puts enslaved people at the centre of the struggle against slavery.

The book tells ⁠the utterly extraordinary story of former slave Toussaint L'Overture who led the a slave army in a twelve year struggle against colonial forces to successfully create Haiti, the world's first black republic outside of Africa. Explicitly written as part of the fight to end colonialism in Africa, The Black Jacobins puts the slaves themselves centre stage, boldly forging their own destiny against nearly impossible odds. 

Our edition is available to order for members.

All members can order books they've missed from previous months. We have an amazing list for you to explore, including fabulous classics and hidden gems of contemporary writing. Check out our books page for reading inspiration!

Watch our events on Youtube

We hosted some fantastic discussions in 2021. You can explore all our events on our Youtube channel, including our Who's Afraid of Anticapitalism series with Gargi Bhattacharyya, and our book of the month discussions. Our speakers and guests have included a brilliant range of leading authors, journalists and commentators from across the radical left, and we hope you find much to enjoy and inspire you.